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Software Engineer Python

Vaga Postada: 5 de Março de 2021

  • Empresa: Pagefreezer Software Inc
  • Faixa salarial: USD$21000.01 - USD$+
  • Estado: Indeterminado
  • Local da vaga: Remote position
  • Nível: Sênior
  • Aceita Remoto?: Sim
  • Tipo de contratação: PJ

Descrição da vaga

What we do and why:
Millions of conversations are taking place online every minute. And the content of all these conversations is often important and sensitive. Regulations demand accurate recordkeeping of all content, and companies are realizing the value of having access to complete, searchable electronic records—not only for evidence capture and litigation preparedness but also for greater insight into how and why conversations are taking place.
We offer solutions at every stage of the information governance lifecycle (creation, retention, management, and disposal) that archives data in real-time and gives organizations a simple and effective way to search and use it.
Pagefreezer’s Social Media Archiving and Monitoring solution enables organizations to create and share defensible records of their social media content, quickly and easily in our dashboard, in real-time—every like, share, edit, and deletion. With added features like sentiment analysis and keyword flagging, our customers can also get insights into the conversations taking place and receive alerts when inappropriate or sensitive information is shared on their platforms, to help them promote and protect their employees, customers, brand, and business.

What our Software Engineers do:
Engineer business solutions and a highly available, self-healing platform (using best practices) that can handle the massive amounts of our customers’ data as we scale, optimized for high performance, efficiency, stability, and quality front of mind, using our techstack which includes:
Docker, Swarm (and soon, Kubernetes)
Cassandra, Postgres, ElasticSearch, Redis (we’re fans of polyglot persistence, and use what makes the most sense for scaling. We have over 50 servers with 20+ services and multiple datacenters to sync…)
Tornado, Django, AsyncIO, and Celery
Keep up with our API partners as they grow and change (Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce… those kinds of API partners!)
Set our Engineering teammates up for success by writing thorough documentation, reusable libraries, and reliable tests
Collaborate closely with internal stakeholders (like Product, QA, and Support, to start) to ensure a stellar Customer Experience of our product end-to-end


2+ yrs developing a production-quality business solution using Python
Docker, Swarm (and soon, Kubernetes)
Cassandra, Postgres, ElasticSearch, Redis (distributed systems experience is really important for us in in intermediate/senior candidates)
Tornado, Django, AsyncIO, and Celery
Understand microservices architecture that utilizes both REST APIs and event-based architecture from a security perspective (for example, understanding the vulnerabilities of HTTP Protocol)
Able to work 40 hours a week and either:
Aspiring to work in Canada and can obtain a work permit (yes, we can help with that)
Willing to work remotely as a contractor
Can be anywhere in the world as long as you commit to overlapping 4-8 hours of time with Vancouver and can work with a team in English

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